Dates & Schedule

October 10-12, 2025

Stay tuned for details on the venue, schedule, and entertainment.

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      The Cocoa Beach Hilton Hotel on the beach is a great host hotel location. There is a wonderful patio covered bar and beach access. I’m sure we could get a decent group rate. We could maybe have the Sat. Dinner there too.

      Please consider an early fall date or early before Spring break date (ie Jan- Feb) Benefits are mainly lower room and travel costs will attract more alumni. Also Thanksgiving is hard & expensive for travel and most have family obligations.

      Our last reunion was scheduled for October but Covid cancelled that plan. We apparently have a nice “nest egg” from previous events.
      Thank- you!!!

    • Bonnie Hays

      no June or July Aug dates? I will get there regardless but being out of season would be better for me.

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      Cocoa Beach Hilton sounds great!

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      I just went to my husbands 50th high school reunion this weekend and I saw how much work they put into it. Thank you so much for all of you beautiful people who volunteer their time and talent to try to keep us all connected. I truly appreciate all you do!! I will try to make any date that is the preferred date for the majority.

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      October or February! Vote class! I know it seems far off and half of us don’t know what we are doing tomorrow or next month, but the committee is working hard to make this a great reunion.

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